An Elementary School in Parkland Fl

Heron Heights – Another Outstanding Parkland Elementary School

  • This elementary school has both a before and after care program that is first rate.

  • The school supplies are easily accessible online.

  • Heron Heights PTO runs the Fun Run Every year.

Heron Heights Elementary School is an A rated school in Parkland Florida. It is zoned for people living in Heron Bay and the surrounding neighborhoods. The school has classes from PreK all the way up to 5th grade.

Heron Heights is proud to offer a School Board Operated Aftercare program.

The students participate in a variety of activities throughout the afternoon. Some of the activities includes homework time, computers, game room, reading, cooking, science, math, outside time, and games are some of the weekly activities.
BeforeCare 6:30am-7:30am
After Care hours are from 2:00pm – 6:00pm.
Early release day hours 12-6pm
A late pick up fee is charged if students are not picked up by program close time.
After Care Program Fees
Parents must pay in advance for services. Children receive care every day the school is open including early release days.
School Board Operated programs currently charge parents a $25.00 registration fee per family. A family is considered one child or more. The fee is paid prior to entry into the program, and again for any re-entry throughout the school year.
 Student Fee $194
Sibling / School Board Employee $184 (5% Discount)
Activity Fee $25 Per Student
Before care $48

School Supplies

We hope you will support our prepackaged school supplies, offered through our Heron Heights business partner, The School Store. The program supports our school, makes your life easier by saving you the need to run around shopping, includes the exact supplies requested by the teachers, and prepares your child for learning on the first day of school. The price of the First Grade supply packet is $52.00.
Ordering options-choose one:
1.  Order online with a credit card. Your order will be waiting for you in the cafeteria during the Meet Your Teacher day, Tuesday August 14th, prior to the first day of school. (This choice is easy, dependable, and highly recommended!)
If you cannot make it that day, you can pick up your supplies at the School Store on the first day of school.
2.  Pick up a prepackaged set in the cafeteria during Meet Your Teacher day or at The School Store during the first week of school each morning from 7:30-8:00am.  (Cash or credit card only)
The School Store is located in the Hall outside the Heron Heights cafeteria.

Fun Run hosted by Heron Heights Elementary PTO

This is a fund raiser for the school. The students go out and get people to pledge money to the school based on how many laps the child can do around the track. Parents are allowed to cheer on their students at their designated time slots. Parking is always limited so show up early and car pool if possible. You can park at Pine Trails Park and walk over.
This is a fun event that gets alot of participation for all involved. You get a great sense of community involvement. This is a great way to be part of the Parkland community.
Heron Heights Elementary School
11010 Nob Hill Rd,
Parkland, FL 33076
(754) 322-9150